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Resources for Teachers

We are very excited that you are joining us as we help youth in DeKalb County to dream for their futures! Here in the toolkit you will find a variety of activities you can use to build context and excitement for the Promise and “Walk Into My Future” event.

Just think, YOU are the first champion for so many of your students, helping them to start their educational journey and path to college and career. We hope you will feel free to modify any of the toolkit for best use in your classroom. These activities are unrestricted and can be edited in Microsoft Word.

Toolkit Introduction

Build content for the Promise and “Walk Into My Future” event.

Extension Activities

Suggested activities and material.

Handout 1

Who Will I Be Handout

Handout 2

College Campus Visit

Handout 3

Who Are Champions In My Life

Handout 4

How Can Champions Help Us

Activity 1

Dream For My Future

Activity 2

What College Is Like

Activity 3

Finding My Champions

Resources for Parents

Welcome Parents, Caregivers, and Youth:

We hope you will become active participants and champions for your own and others’ children in DeKalb County. We are proud to be one of 25 Promise Indiana counties because we strongly support efforts that make DeKalb County a better place to work, play, and live. We hope you will join us in this community-wide journey!

Family Enrollment Guide

Information for parents, caregivers and youth.

Ask Your Child's Champions

Resource for getting started.