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What is Promise Indiana DeKalb County? It is a community collaboration, seeking to ensure that every child in DeKalb County, Indiana has the assets, family, friends, and community support necessary to help that child pursue his or her career dream. DeKalb County joined Promise Indiana in 2018.  

Starting at an early age, we want to build hope for future careers for all DeKalb County students. There are rewarding careers across manufacturing, life sciences, agriculture, and more key industries in Northeast Indiana that do not require a four-year degree, but do require post-high school learning.

These careers also require that a community demonstrates a belief in each child, that our children know: 1) careers are in their futures, 2) that they are firmly in control of accomplishing their dreams, and 3) that we are here helping them prepare and consider the financial realities of any career training or education they might need to get there.

Why are we doing this? Because we know that if a child in a low-moderate income household has between $1 and $499 in a 529 career savings account, they are 3 times more likely to complete high school and attend some post-high school career training or education, and 4 times more likely to complete that career training or education. We believe it’s important for every child to have the hope for a bright future.

Creating 529 Career Savings Plans

Students have the flexibility to use their savings at any eligible 2- and 4-year college, graduate school, and importantly vocational and career training programs, touching the lives of community members countywide. Students with dedicated funds for education know their futures are bright, and people who believe in them are saving for it!

Community Matching Funds

Promise Indiana DeKalb County has been fortunate to receive support from many organizations in our community. Through generous donations we are able to provide each student who lives in DeKalb County between the age of 4 and 12th grade with a $25 deposit into their Promise 529 account to start their savings. 
When an additional $25 is added to the students Promise account, we are able to contribute an additional $75. This gives students $125 to start their post-secondary education savings.