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To ensure every child has the assets, champions, and community support to pursue their dreams.

Enroll now and automatically receive $25 in your child’s 529 career savings account from DeKalb County Community donors. (applies to children and students who reside or attend school in DeKalb County, ages 4 through 12th grade) 

Walk Into My Future

Kindergarten through third grade students of DeKalb County experienced a career training campus through hands-on activities and met post-high school students to learn about possible future areas of study and careers. Citing the importance of such an experience, Clint Kugler, Wabash County YMCA CEO and Promise Co-founder, said “giving young children that personal experience of imagining they are a post-high school student plants the seed of a dream for their future. It helps change a child’s identity.”

Building Hope for Bright Futures

In 2020, 60% of jobs now require education beyond high school. Yet only 12% of Indiana youth are saving for post-secondary education with a College Choice 529 account. Promise creates a culture of student success and builds hope for the future.

Building Future Stories

Low-and moderate-income youth with a Career Savings Account, even with a balance of just $1-$499 are 3 times more likely to attend some post-high school training and 4 times more likely to graduate. We are making a difference by establishing a child’s “future story” at an early age.

Curriculum targeted to build “Future Stories”

In an intentional effort, teachers use an established curriculum to teach children about an expectation that they will attend career training after high school. This plants the seed that completing high school is very important. Furthermore, it sets the expectation that learning beyond high school, such as trade school or college, is important. Ruby Payne’s work, as presented in “Bridges Out of Poverty”, discusses the importance of establishing a child’s “future story” at an early age.

Qualified Educational Expenses

The DeKalb County Community Promise funds are intended for qualified post-high school training and educational expenses, and not for K-12 private school tuition.

Be An Engaging Champion

Champions encourage students to pursue their dreams or contribute to a student’s career savings account. A parent, a relative, a teacher, a role model…anyone can be a champion!

Dollar Sign

Enrolled students who raised $25 or more from their champions will each receive a $75 gift from the community.

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Grandparents can be Champions by contributing to their grandchild’s UGift account.

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Contributions can be made by Champions for birthdays, graduations, holidays or any occasion.

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Example: Timmy’s 3rd grade class all received $5 for a holiday gift campaign.

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Example: A local dentist contributed $10 to his new clients’ UGift accounts.

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Students or parents can set up a Facebook campaign to encourage contributions within their circle of family and friends.